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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Brrr Its To Early

Wow a few days ago 80 degrees and yikes yesterday and today brrrrrrr.

Its quilt weather for sure, hoping this is temporary and we get some more warmer days.  I have much yard work to do before the winter finally arrives.

Little time to get it all done before the end of month when I leave for Houston. Yeee haaaw!

You would think because I don't have a job away from home I could get plenty of work done around here.

Not so.  Between my real job quilting for others, my fun job of watching Gus, dyeing scarves, knitting, hand embroidery, sewing for myself and yard work I keep pretty darn busy.

There are days I feel like I'm running on a tread wheel.  No complaints though, seriously I like what I do - all of it.

This week alone I have completed 2 customer quilts.  Dyed 4 scarves (which doesn't just happen overnight) and some hand work.

Simple patchwork, Quilted with free motion leaves loops and meandering - pretty fall colors - love it - all flannel just perfect for winter.

That was the easy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A huge 101x85 all blue jean quilt.  The quilter did an amazing job doing a log cabin pattern - this was a real challenge.  One I wont take on again.  Because of the bulk in the seams and not wanting to close pockets I did a semi custom - wiggle stitch - however, the quilt kept growing, bj fabric has a lot more stretch then you would think.   In the end the bottom border had to be puckered and pleated but she was not unhappy with the results.  We both agreed it was probably a mistake to try to Long Arm quilt this, she normally does hand tying and that is a good option to finish one of these.

I still give her tons of credit for doing such an amazing job putting it all together.

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barbara woods said...

it just got down to 50 last night here in Ga. but felt like the n. pole