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Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Combined Project - Six Flags

One of my patterns is called Six Flags and sometime ago I taught a class in Clinton at Twin Turtle Quilt shop

Annette Vance, a good friend of mine took the class and sometime this past year she finished her quilt.

Now I needed a "practice" quilt to play with - after watching a video by Angela Walters on how to do free motion Paisley Feathers, I thought I would give it a try on this quilt top.  Annette has offered this quilt to me to give to any charity I want.

So with a combined effort by Annette, "Angela" and myself this is how it all turned out.

I'm certainly no Angela Walters but I'm pretty happy with the results.  With more practice I think this will become one of my favorites to stitch .

Yesterday I went with friends Julie Churchill and Sharon Schaapveld to the Madison quilt expo.  It was a wonderful show and enjoyed myself tremendously.

The quilts were amazing as usual,  and makes one want to either go home and start quilting or sell all of your stash and patterns because you know you will never be that good.

I don't mind not being a "show quilt" girl - I like being just the average everyday quilting gal.  But it does make you wonder how some of these girls come up with the amazing patterns and designs that are put into these quilts. And the quilting that is done to some of them is just plain over the moon.

Here is just a couple of the quilts with the mind blowing quilting.

There were hundreds of vendors, but I limited myself to any large amount of purchases.

Saving myself for Houston which will be coming up end of Oct.

Although there were  plenty of fabrics to choose from I made the choice of not buying any fabrics.  If you knew how many projects that I haven't even started yet you would understand why.

My big purchase for the day was 2 Hang It Dang Its - rods to hang quilts - some bobbins for my long arm machine and some beading that I'm going to add to some of my scarves.

Big spender huh?

Even at that I still managed to spend more than I had planned.

The best purchase of the day - Ice Cream Cone - it was the best - Butter Pecan my all time favorite

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