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Monday, September 22, 2014

Pink Champagne

After a day of  "cooking" the scarf in the Solomon Seal Berries white vinegar and salt as suggested to keep color- a full night left bundled - I had high hopes of getting the pink color to remain.

Unfortunately the color did fade out after rinsing and washing and rinsing again, one last attempt to retrieve the color I soaked in white vinegar and rinsed again.  This brought some of the pink back.

Left to air dry and then a steam iron I did get an attractive champagne color, that, although the pink faded, I am not totally unhappy with the final results.

This is a very soft and subtle coloring.

So the results of Solomon Seal Berries, I'm giving it a D- for retaining the color, but an A+ for the champagne color.

Back to quilting:   Customer quilt completed this morning while cooking a scarf.

This had an Indian, south western look, so to continue with that look, I quilted using wiggle lines or as I call them EKG.

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