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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jacobs Ladder

That pretty much sums it up - sooooo sooooo pretty

Notice the prairie points for the border.   I couldn't trim this one for her, she is going to have to roll the back and finish off the back with a rolled hand stitched binding.

Once those points get on there is nothing that can be done but hand sewing.   Really  like the layout of the Jacobs Ladder blocks and the points really do make this a very special quilt.

After looking at options of panto stitch designs, she chose my free motion Peacock Feathers.  This stitch a very popular one with the customers.  After making that decision I was really happy as I had to stay away from the points and leave room on the edge for the rolled binding.  Which would be a challenge if I had been working with a panto from the back.  It could be done but much preferred working from the front.

As it was I had to pin each point down before doing any stitching to keep the quilt on the straight and narrow and to keep the edges from throwing a pucker in.  Ask me how I know..........  because the first row I learned that lesson quickly.

If I remember right  Peacock Feathers has been used on 3 quilts this month.  Like I said pretty popular this month.

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