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Saturday, September 27, 2014

I Joined A Strip Club

No this is not a confession of my secret life.

Loose Threads has a group of ladies called "Strip Club" meet every other month chose a pattern "challenge" we all work on same pattern with fabrics of our choice.

Today was an all day sew day with pot luck.  Now because of my busy schedule this past year I was totally unable to make any of the meetings, except for today.  Made it just in time for the Pot Luck sew day.

Go figure the one day I can make it was a Pot Luck.  hehehehehhe

We started the new challenge - String Quilt and Im not even done quilting the last challenge.  Which, by the way has to be completed by the Edgerton Quilt Show Oct 18th.

Prizm - last challenge is on the LA and I have started the quilting.  In fact I worked on it an hour before going to the sew day today.

Do you think I can possibly get the new challenge done by next October - thats when its due I think.

A few days ago Diane stopped over to play with crystals adding them to a table topper Butterfly quilt top


While at sew day I couldn't resist going upstairs to the shop, just to look around.  Haven't been there for a while and I definitely don't need any fabrics.........................

Aaargh I couldn't resist them

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