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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Severe Boredom Means Productivity

Yes Severe Boredom around here.

With the temps being so frigid who wants to go anywhere.  Not this Girl!!!!!

But from out of boredom comes somethings pretty awesome.

First playing with scraps, trying to use the hundreds of scraps I have lying around I made some fun scrappy blocks, that will become a quilt.  What size, I don't know depends on when I get tired of making these blocks, I guess.

Not being satisfied with just making blocks I loaded some of my sister in law hand dyed fabrics and quilted a small baby quilt for her using my free motion........ you guessed it ........ swirls.  When in doubt I always go to swirls.  They make a nice looking quilt and its easy quilting for me.

This 33x41 baby size quilt will be shipped off to Donna for her to add the binding (sorry ran out of hand dyed fabrics for that) and she will add to her Etsy shop donna kallner 

Both sides of this quilt are equally beautiful, so can be considered reversible.

This is how I filled yet another boring yet productive day.

The boring part is only because I - we - are living in the wonderful state of Wisconsin, where this year we have been subject to one of the worst winters in years.  For me it seems like THE worst.

I will have to remember these days once the season changes and temps rise way above 90 plus this coming summer, but oh, even with hot days, I can still manage to get outside early morning and do some yard work and if not work at least visit my flowers.

Sigh!!!!  heavy sigh!!!!! flowers.  Looking forward to seeing bright bold colors in my yard again.

As most people are thinking this long cold winter, it wont be much longer WILL IT????

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