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Monday, July 11, 2011

Several UFO[s In Progress

Have not posted anything for a few days.  Family parties/commitments for the weekend, so little or no sewing went on.

Today I went to sewing room and realized, spreading it a little thin.  I am working on 2 quilts at the same time and still need to finish Ky's.

We went shopping for her backing last week, and she made her choice:

I let her pick several choices, and she is a SHOPPER.  Looking at colors and prices, she decided this is the one she liked the best.

Still have to put on a border before I can quilt it, and hopefully, she will be able to finish this week.

Next: New Stepping Stones quilt with fq's I purchased over a year ago

Also on design board is new pattern I am working on "Square Dancing" used all the purple I had so will have to purchase more to finish a full quilt.

I moved squares around from Square Dancing, and have even more new blocks coming:

Sewing a new tote from scraps available, just need buttons and its finished
Behind tote are 2 quilts ready for me to do the quilting:

So, as you can see, I have not been idle, just need to focus on one at a time and get something finished.

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