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Friday, July 29, 2011

Its Sewing With Kylee Friday

Looks like I will be Sewing with Kylee on Fridays.  It has become routine for me to get a call to pick her up so she can spend the day with me and sew.

I love it

We had to purchase the buttons for her sister's tote.  Sewed them on and now she has started Christmas presents for her family.  I cant mention who gets what as they might read this.  So until Christmas comes we cant post any pictures of what she is working on. 

I can show you her and her sister's finished tote.

She just has to goof off when getting her picture taken.

While she was busy on her projects I was busy arranging and rearranging a new quilt design I'm working on.

No name  yet,  any suggestions, I'm stumped:

Oh and Kylee has already picked out the pattern for her NEXT quilt she wants to work on.

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