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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alice's Bloomers

Buggy Barn pattern

Alice met the challenge and completed her "Bloomers" quilt. 

I finished the quilting today, totally customized stitching.

wiggle flower center of block

borders swirls and points,sashing claim shells

petal points small wiggly flower

small meandering/stippling outside the petals

I think it turned out beautiful.  As you know Buggy Barn patterns are a stack, slice and shuffle method and some are very difficult to do.  This is one of those most difficult. 

There are several of our group doing this pattern, and they all say the same thing. NEVER AGAIN,  There are 44 pieces in each block, and each block took an hour to sew.

I have my top sewn, but not quilted yet.

Now that I have this one quilted, I have to decided on how I want mine quilted.  Don't want to replicate this, but I really like the way it turned out, so might doing something similar to mine.

Alice said she hates her quilt, but I told her, once quilted she might like it.  I Do.

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