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Monday, September 20, 2010

Still remodeling

Finally have the kitchen and dining room flooring in, looks awesome, but by the end of Saturday installation, Wayne and I were worn out.  We didn't do the installation, hired it done, but had to move the 2 rooms of furniture out of rooms before the installation.  In addition, made beds, did dishes, washed 3 loads of clothes, vacuumed twice and wiped down the new flooring.  By end of day, I was not in the best of moods, so went to bed at 8:30 to avoid an silly tired arguments, that I knew was going to happen.  We were kinda snipping at each other over small silly things.

Here are the results:    

Next step, ordered new kitchen counter, and looking at copper/tin for back splash and surround stove.  Really really really hoping we can get this done by Saturday.  We are hosting a Fish Boil in our backyard and would like to show off the finished kitchen.

Ever had a fish boil?  I hadn't until a few years ago.  Never thought I would like boiled fish, but boy was I surprised.  Tastes wonderful and really looking forward to this weekend.  Inviting the entire family, again, and a few close friends.  Looking at weather report, and so far so good, no rain for Saturday or Sunday.  The way the fish is boiled is really funny, cooked over an open wood fire in a big pot, and just when the fish is all cooked, just before serving, throw kerosene on the wood fire and watch the fire explode this causes the water to boil over.  Its quite a sight to see.  Some restaurants  in Door County do this every year.  I think you can find a link to this on the net.  Just enter search fish boil Door County and you will find several sights to view with photos.

Still working on another quilt "Drunkards Path" using all fall colors.  So far all done except the outer border, and of course the quilting part.  Hope to have finished in next few day.

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