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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quilt Show

Got home a little while ago from Madison Quilt Show.  I always enjoy this show.

But I gotta tell you, took my life in my hands getting there, between traffic on beltline 12/18 for the Badger Football Game and the Quilt show, bumper to bumper traffic.

Show started 9am, I got there 9:01am and parking lot was already half full.  These ladies must have either slept in their car or got there couple hours before it opened.  But I fooled them, I have a handicap sticker and got right up front. HAHAHAHA.    However,  found out one thing, people who tailgate you on road are probably the same people who tailgate you walking.  Dee Dee swears one lady was so close behind her, she could feel her breath on her neck. I said it before, women on a mission are dangerous.

Show  was worth going, the quilt exhibits are amazing. Especially those who do the HAND quilting. Just awesome.  I used to do hand quilting years ago, and maybe some day would tackle again, but the quilts we saw were full size and larger.  Can't imagine how long must have taken for some of these to be complete.  My hat is off to those wonderful ladies. 

Wish I was a little younger and in better shape.  By the time we left, my hip was hurting so bad felt like it was on fire.  But, enjoyed the show anyway.  And yes will go again, fight through the pain and do it all over again.

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