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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still Working On Many Projects

I don't have anything completely finished yet.  Still working on 2, one lap top and a baby/crib toddler size.

They are sewn just need to get quilted.  Then its back to my cupboard of stash. I am planning on attacking this stash and using as much as I can, either scrappy or designed, which ever works for whats  there.  And there is plenty of it, so will be busy with what I have before I even think about buying anymore material.  (Right, wait until I see something I just have to have. 

The Madison Quilt show is next weekend, and 3 of us are going Saturday morning, just to look and get ideas.  It never works out that way, usually end up buying something.  We are not crazy enough to go on Thursday, first day, or Friday.  This is when all the first comers go and have to be there first or they just might miss something.  Its usually so crazy you take your life in your hands.  Women on a mission are dangerous and you don't want to get in their way.  We like to go, stroll along and really see the show, not rush from booth to booth looking, shopping and grabbing in front of that person behind you, that just might get that piece of material or kit or gadget before you do.  BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY ITS NUTS ON THE FIRST DAY.   Even the vendors fear for their lives, but they put up with all the crazy and wouldn't miss it for anything.  However, by Saturday they look forward to the more relaxed atmosphere and friendly shoppers.

I really have to vac my room today,  Chenille is so messy and threads all around.  Hubby would have a fit if he saw the new carpeting with all the mess.  I have to remind him that's what happens when you sew.

I look like a bushy sheep. Feel like I should be baaaaah instead of talking.   So its time for a hair cut again.  Will have to make time today and see Sarah.  She will make me look human again.

Sometimes I feel like I am letting life go by without my being a participant, only because I spend so much time doing just sewing.  I have got to remind myself, there is life outside my sewing room.  So for the rest of today, I am going to do a little ( and I mean little) housework and get out of here, see people, Sarah and Toby and my girl Kylee.


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