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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brown Beauty

Beautiful brown, taupe, and light brown quilt.  This quilt measures 85 x 107 and is designed and sewn by my sister-in-law Alice.  She embroidered flowers in some of the squares. 

Alice (we call her Dee Dee) owns an embroidery machine and is looking to upgrade next year.  While we were at the Madison quilt show last week, she spent time looking at new machines.  Wow, I thought Long Arm machines were expensive.  The embroidery machines run $7000 and up for the size she is looking for.  I was amazed at how much can be done on one of these beauties.  If I could afford one, I would consider getting one of these.   However, I will just stick to my little Singer sewing machine and my Tin Lizzie long arm quilter. 

If I had one more (toy) to play with, wouldn't have enough time in the day or week to do all I wanted to do.  Its hard enough now to get everything done, that needs to be done.   One of which is housework staring me in the face.  Dust is forming and floors need to be vacuumed (what again).  Haven't fixed a special meal in weeks.  Quickie hamburgers, BLTs and what ever else I can manage to make in 30min or less is whats happening here.  Maybe I will be a good little wife and fix steaks on the grill tonight.  That might make Wayne happy and it doesn't take much time to prep. steak, fresh tomatoes and fried potatoes.  Sounds like a plan.

Must get busy doing the wifely things now.  Tonight is the first show of the new season, Survivor.  This is one of our favorite shows and looking forward to the first show.

Tomorrow must remember to go to the Friendship Stars Quilt Guild.  With all that's been going on, almost forgot about it.   I will have to write a note and put it in my sewing room and another on refrigerator so I don't forget to go.  I will be taking something for show and tell, just haven't decided what it will be.

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