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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Winter Santa Scene

Customers quilt 56x66 -  actually I had quilted one identical to this - sister in law to this customer  -

Different stitching for the most part, customer did not want it to look exactly like her sister in laws

Spring has sprung!!! -  Yesterday Kylee, Gus and I went out to work in the yard -  poop collection - lol - managed to convince Ky to take on that job -  I did pay her - 

Gus and I proceeded to walk around with his little red wagon (forgot my phone in house no pics) to pick up sticks and limbs

The yard is as full of sticks as it was dog poop - but for now we managed to get the front yard cleared of these 2 lovely droppings.

Our intention was to continue on today, however, Gus is not feeling well so he and his sister are staying home with Sarah.

Walking around the yard I did see flowers have sprung up -  the yellow  winter aconites are blooming - surprised the heck out of me because just a few days ago we had snow all over

Tulips and daffodil's are already popping up - haven't taken the time to look for crocus but I'm sure they are out there.

Maybe after I clean up inside I will go outside and do some flower bed tending.   As I said to Kylee yesterday "and so it begins"

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