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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Quilt Talk

Nothing  better than to meet a new customer -  one of my existing customers has "spread the word" among her quilting friends, and today they both came to see me and to drop off 2 quilt tops.

There are times when a quilter comes she drops off the top a quick in and out - 10 min and we are through.

And then there are times when the conversation just goes on and on from one topic to another.  These are always fun times.

Today was one of the "fun fun fun" days.

After the greetings of hi how are you's we proceed to look at my quilts hanging and laying all around - at last we finally get to see what she has brought me -  wow loving them, and chose pantos - yes pantos - and thread color.

From there we see more of my folded stored quilts along with projects I will be working on.  Discussed upcoming shows and events.  Who has been where and who is going where.  Houston, Paducah, MSQC etc etc.

Eventually the conversation goes towards my brother Bill's woodwork - table and shaker box -  by the way Bill - they loved them and you may be hearing from them.

2 hours later we are still discussing quilting, crocheting, knitting, etc etc etc.  Never get tired of talking to ladies with same interests and time just flew by.

Thanks Sandy for bringing  me a new "friend".

Now back to what I have completed:

Yesterday I quilted this top for good friend Candy Schroeder -  I have told her this before but I will mention again, always enjoy working on one of Candy's.  She pieces so well and her quilt tops are always squared up perfectly.

duh me forgot to ask the pattern name -  I free motion quilted this with swirl/flowers

I wish the colors had come through better - they are much darker deeper golds/reds/greens

Well that was fun - today I have to play on computer setting up some forms for guild.

Not fun!!!!  But will give it a go and see how far I get - lol -  why why do I always end up volunteering.

My motto has been don't volunteer but lately I cant keep my mouth shut

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