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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Where Did I Leave Off!?

Ever have one of those days??? No matter what I touched today it went wrong and its only 9:30 am -

Working on a binding and label for one of my own -  forgot to protect my iron from the sticky glue applique paper - ugh -  cut wrong amount for binding - printed label on wrong side of transfer fabric - and to top it off  my IPAD wont transfer pictures to my computer -

I did manage to get all of these errors of the day corrected and instead of transferring from Ipad - I was allowed to transfer from my phone.  Good thing the Ipad talks to the Iphone or pictures would be stuck in never never Icloud land.

So here goes today mini quilt show:

Starting with my own personal "Orphan Blocks" quilt -  over a long period of time I collected and am still collecting blocks that I have made that have not been used in other quilts.  Some of the blocks I made just to practice a pattern.  Not sure how it would turn out and rather than cut into the good expensive fabrics intended for that project - I make a practice block from excess fabrics on hand.

Other blocks were given to me from a birthday block swap - too few to actually make a quilt, so I just saved them.

Still others a friend gave me because she made them but had no use for them.  Lucky me


close up of back showing some of the customized stitching

sometimes when I quilt one of my own I use that time to play around with some customizing - sometimes it works and sometimes I think - what was I thinking!!!!?????

Next customer string quilt


On to the next 2  

Customer quilts but I cant mention names these are presents yet to be delivered

back showing free hand wood grain stitching  I watched a you tube on how to and was able to do this stitching
You tube give me lots of new ideas

And finally a brand new to me customer - Deb is a new quilter and she did an excellent job on this one

close up of stitching

So ends todays show - back to seeing how much trouble I can get into -  I think the safest thing to do today is hand bind the quilt now that I have binding sewn to quilt front.

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