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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Just In Time And More!!!!!

Well almost anyway  Between Quilting and other projects I managed to get some Easter projects completed

For my good friend Annette Vance -  I custom quilted this for her   she did a terrific job with colors and fabrics on this one!

As some may have already seen if you are on FB with me - I have become an Egg Ornament factory.

I tend to over achieve when I find a new project - this is one of those times.  Cant help myself I keep making variations of these no sew egg ornaments.  The thing is..  as soon as I finish one I think of someone else I should be giving one to so back to the cutting board and fabric.  Im sure there are more people I should be making one for but so far here are the ones that are completed.

this one is mine and its a 5" instead of the other smaller versions

Isnt this just another Crazy March

Here is what we had on Thursday

and then  2 days later Im doing this

Thats just nuts isnt it!!!!

Good Easter Morning!!!!!  -  I get to take the day off from cooking  (Im bringing dessert)  - Toby and Sarah are doing the cooking this  Easter - heading over to their house later today - but for now  - getting some customer work done.  Its about time!    I have been distracted getting Easter projects done.  

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