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Monday, March 21, 2016


Whew got it done just in time -- well at least next year I will be able to put it out earlier

Isnt this just the cutest thing?

I love these wreaths -  Im way ahead for July hahahahaha  have had that one done for months.

This week Im being little miss crafty -  also made this cute fabric box - saw a video on you tube - (I watch a lot of you tube)

this comes in handy next to phone - pens, note pads pills for the dog little miscellaneous items

The pattern just calls for an 18" square - but instead of using a solid piece I used scraps - why not? Although I wasnt really paying that much attention to the designs of fabrics, there is actually some winter/Christmas fabrics - oh well - I can always make another one.

This take only an hour or 2 to make.

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