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Monday, April 4, 2016

Where Do I Begin

Its been a whirl wind of activity around here!

Quilting, crafting with friends all sorts of fun fun things to work on - I seriously don't know where to start.

I honestly say I can not be bored with all the projects and sew days I have been involved with.

Lets start with sew day with friends -I taught some of my friends how to make the table candle wreaths on Saturday -  the plan was for 6 of us to get together and make the wreaths.  Sadly 2 had to back out but that did not stop 4 of us from having a great day at Candy's  - as always when girls meet to sew there is always good food involved -  but that goes without saying right?  After having coffee and a breakfast dessert we headed to the sewing room and created these:

Ruth got a little silly  must have been all the sugar we had 

This one is mine I had to get it set up with a candle as soon as I got home

Of course there is quilting involved in my activities -  Mary Meier of Madison made these and I quilted them for her

More eggs have been made

And One for Gus -  for 2 days in a row he kept saying  Gus's Egg?   so I finally got one done for him 

Sunday was the cherry on top of the cake for the past few days:

4 of us went to a Tuffet Class at Patches and Petals - Belleville    Jule Churchill, Candy Schroeder, Diane Badke and myself - after breakfast with some of our friends that will be headed for Missouri Star Quilt Retreat in May we headed off for another fun fun day -

Next Saturday Julie and I are headed to Candy's to do our "homework" 

Now who can say what I will be doing in the meantime??

Gees I think I just wrote a small book 

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