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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sew Day New Years Day

Yesterday it was a fun day of sewing and chowing down with some friends - a good sew day for all.

I managed to cut and sew a tree - not assembled yet

Finished sewing all the blocks for my rag quilt.

And started but didn't finish until this morning my Fold and Stitch Wreath -

Now I have to go shopping one day and get more large pearls to put the tree together - I used them for my wreath -  priorities you know.

Poor little tree hehehehehehehe -  hoping to work on the rag quilt this afternoon - but first I have to lay it out on the living room floor to put the blocks into rows

The sun in shining which always give me tons and tons of energy, I for see a lot of things getting done today


barbara woods said...

i made my first wreath but didn't have any interfacing so it's a little limp, i plan to get some this week and make my sis one. Yours is beautiful

Sooli said...

Those fold and stitch wreaths look great and have been a big talking point on our Aussie quilting club Facebook page. Yours looks lovely!