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Monday, June 15, 2015

Minnesota Quilt Show 2015

What fun!!!  but then its always a good time when I get to go with my girlfriends anywhere.

Left my house around 6am Friday and stopped at only 1 quilt shop on our way. And 2 on the way hone. Laughing because we are headed to a quilt show but we have to make stops to and from to other quilt shops.  Its crazy isn't it but so much fun.

Here are some of highlights of  us and the show -

road trip

traveling and quilt shows require a lot of fuel

the Wicked Exhibit was one of my favorite parts of the show

thrilled to find  Pam Moller's exhibit awesome 

Julie getting up close and personal with her camera

I was thrilled with this quilt - love a tone on tone and the quilting exquisite -  make me buy more tone on tone fabrics

we had to find a white glove to turn this because the backing on the tone on tone was Minky

Karen Mctavish - she was gracious to sign my book and let me have a picture taken with her  We had to laugh so much because she is so tall and I'm so vertically challenged she had to bend down and her hair fell in front of my face then her dangle earring and finally Julie got a good picture of us.

Julie and I enjoyed her lecture so much, she is a very special lady, and so entertaining.

There were many more pictures but You would either get too tired of viewing or just be so Jealous

As a long arm quilter I love all the quilts but of course I have to get real close and look at the stitching.  

The time and talent that goes into these Show quilts is mind boggling.

Always makes me want to go home and quilt something even though I'm not that talented (yet) I still love the process of making a quilt top come to life with the stitching.

Lucky me I have a few customer tops here waiting for me to play with.  What a job I have - get to see all the beautiful tops that customers bring me and I get to "Play" with them and get paid doing it.  You cant get much better than that.

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