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Friday, June 5, 2015

Guild Challenge 2015

Still have binding to do and sew down the label, but this years guild challenge quilt is done

Some of the girls like to keep theirs under wraps and secret until  the reveal night.

Me I don't care if I show it ahead of time - its just for me anyway and its no big show stopper like some of the guild sisters produce.

We have some amazing quilters in our guild and I will never be able to come up to their expertise.  I'm just happy to join in on the fun.

Sampler each block represent a letter in my name Jean Romack spelled out 2 x's to make 20 blocks

LOL I think I might have gone a little extreme on the quilting

Now on to my next project - there are a few more in the closet waiting to be quilted.

In addition I know have to try to assemble this for Gus -  I think he needed this to help me pick up sticks in my yard -  getting him started young on helping with the yard work hehehehehehehe

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