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Thursday, June 18, 2015


As you probably remember my meeting Karen McTavish (love) buying her book and dvd's

My fingers were itching to try my hand at McTavishing - Isnt that something that they actually named her stitching technique after her own name.

A long while back I took a long arm ruler class and kept the practice piece we were using.  Not like most of the ruler work I had done that day I spent hours ripping out the stitches.

So instead of practice more ruler work I practiced McTavishing and other stitching - here are the results of my "playing around"

This is McTavishing

Practicing Victorian feathers

Paisley feathers and tiny swirls

Now I'm anxious to try out McTavishing on real quilts - hmmmm   She explains that McTavishing is an alternative to stippling and meandering - hmmmmm again!

In addition to practice quilting I am still working on customer quilts - finished a guild sisters quilt just in time for Tues night meeting,. And No I didn't use McTavishing - but I did use one of my favorite Pantos - Fern Gully

This design works well with most quilt tops but especially if you are working on a quilt for boys or men.  They really aren't too happy when you put flowers or hearts or feathers on their manly quilts.

Dont know why!

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