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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Camping Anyone?

No I'm not going camping but this fun fun quilt is ready:

Sorry they all turned sideways, lol just tip your head a little.

Sigh...............  I have been getting a lot done for one reason - I haven't had my Gus for a while and wont have him back again until next week.  Taking a mini break last week and this week getting caught up so I can take off for the weekend to the MN Quilt Show in Duluth.

Looking forward to the show and yes I have accomplished so much but oooooh how I miss that little bugger.

I bought him a red wagon and cant wait for him to see it.  I know we will have tons of fun outside playing with his wagon and hehehehehe teaching him to pick up sticks in my yard with his little red wagon.

Thought I would be able to assemble this (of course they come unassembled) but took one look at the instructions and decided Not for Me.  Sent this off to friend Tim. My friend,  Annette,  lets me borrow her husband for repairs and things like this.

Its so nice to have help when I need it.  Between family and friends I know I can always find someone to pitch in and give me a hand when needed.

Yesterday I had the nicest chat with a new neighbor.   I have lived here 5 years come Dec and I have spoken to only a couple of people in my neighborhood.  No reason other than everyone is busy including me and there is never an opportunity to just walk over and chat.

While mowing the lawn the new neighbor took the time to walk over and spend some time with me introducing herself and touring my gardens.  How nice was that - I look forward to taking some time to visit with her and seeing her gardens.  She tells me she has been spending a lot of time getting her yard fixed up.

Believe me I know what that is all about.

Speaking of.......  

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