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Saturday, January 3, 2015

A New Year Has Begun

With the new year brings the anticipation of new quilts

It's the 2 nd of January and already have quilted 2 small quilts for customers. A nice way to begin 2015.

In addition I'm still getting to play with new fabrics for my own quilts - I have finished 12 blocks for a sampler -  During my little shopping trips with friends I always seem to pick up some fat quarters with no purpose in mind.  Lucky for me I was able to use many of them in the sampler.  Its always a treat to be able to go to my cupboard and make something without having to stop, plan a trip and shop for more fabrics.

Sometimes, when the urge or new idea pops in my head - I can just open the cupboard and find just what I need.  And then there are other times shopping is necessary, which is not a bad thing, because I can then grab up  more of those fun fat quarters.

For a quilter this is common practice.  To have cupboards/boxes, drawers/plastic bags and bins filled with fabrics.  Large and small. You just never know when that 2" piece might be needed.

This early  morning I completed 6 of 9 rows sewn on yet another project.  Cut many many many 2" strips for a scrap quilt been thinking about.  Cleaned out a few shelves in my fabric cupboard.

After seeing Sharon's and Julie's  neatly folded fabrics made me a little ashamed of what my stash looked like.

The fabric has arrived for a commissioned "Frozen" quilt.  So there is that one to do this week.

The weather has finally turned to winter here - woke up with about an inch of snow and more coming according to the forecast.

The fish still need attention, even though they are sleeping, to keep them alive I have been using a cow tank heater so there is an open space in the pond.  Now it is not working, even after checking all the outlets and a new extension cord pond is frozen over.  

I was told that if I keep snow off an area and let the sun (what sun) come through, the fish will still survive.  Which means this morning in my jammies, coat and boots I'm out sweeping an open area on the pond.

Sometimes I wonder.........................  

On the other hand what would I do if I didnt do all that I do - think about it.  Life would be pretty boring , just sitting around watching the boob tube and listening to the clock tick away the time.

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