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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sew Day At Loose Threads - Strip Club

Yes those stripping girls are at it again.

A fun sewing day at Loose Threads quilt shop Milton, WI -   The "strip club" girls met for a day of sewing and pot luck.

Making quilts from strips

Our mission make charity quilts with 2.5" strips -  Strips were provided by the members of the strip club various fabrics were supplied.

Working as teams groups - we were challenged to make laps size quilts to be given to a charity.  There were 4 on my team and we worked from 9am to 4pm breaking only for food  (where there are quilters there is pot luck)

Well there were a few cookie coffee breaks as well, but you cant have sewing without nourishment.  There is never a lack of food or variety when asked to bring for a pot luck.  We do have to keep our strength up you know.  

There is more exercises in quilting than most people realize

Working diligently in our little groups we manage to get 7 tops completed ( our group actually made 4 - 3 completed and one went home with one of us to finish.

I will get the finished quilt top pictures at the next meeting when hopefully they will be quilted and ready for the binders to do their job.  (I will quilt one or two of them for the group)

Mary Kay our leader and owner of the quilt shop - she makes the sew days so fun and entertaining in addition to supplying us with a large sew room, use of kitchen and additional helping hands with some of the girls that work there. 

It was a fun day but exhausting.  Its not easy sewing, talking eating with friends for 6 hours believe me.

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