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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sometimes Its Just Fun!

Like this one for instance:

Last night at guild one of the members handed me a bag of small quilts for me to quilt for her.  No expectations - no special instructions - do what I may 

Custom quilting is a lot of work, but can also be fun - just to see what the final piece looks like.

I'm not as artistic as some quilters but when I quilt to my strengths I can come up with a pretty exciting and attractive piece.

This one I'm loving.  Everything went smoothly (for a change)  

Getting so much more comfortable with the pro line rulers by Lisa Calle - one of the best purchases from Houston this year.

Even though I tend to get somewhat tense using them  (fear of hitting the needle on the ruler) by the end of a piece like this one - I'm relaxing and enjoying the process.    

Concentration is a necessity - you don't want to have your mind and your hands going off in the wrong direction. 

There are 3 more pieces to do but after the work that goes into just one of these - I'm thinking I should take a break and not push it.

Although, I'm excited to tackle another one - maybe do the easier of the 3 - table runner which I think would look just as nice just stippled.  

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