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Thursday, January 8, 2015

And It Only Took A Year

Hehehehehe -  do you remember the Birthday Block swap that a group of us started January of 2013 -  I know its 2015 now but you have to remember My birthday is Nov so it took all of 2013 to get my blocks.

Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My quilt is done

I absolutely LOVE THIS quilt 

Especially when each block was made by a friend -  Cant tell you how much these girls mean to me.

Met them on line through  -   Yes the same bunch that I meet in Houston when ever we can make it.

Not everyone makes it to Houston all at the same time, but we are in touch daily with each other from all over the states and other countries.

This group of quilters and sewers are the most supportive - informative - sweetest people you can imagine.

I wouldn't trade their friendship for anything.   

Thanks my CT Thriendz - I will cherish this quilt forever!


wnesloney said...

Jean your quilt is AWESOME!!!! And you mean just as much to me too. Love you!!!

wnesloney said...

Jean your quilt is AWESOME !!!!! I can't wait to get mine together as well. You mean so much to me too. Love you! Wanda