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Monday, January 26, 2015

Kylee and Her Quilt

Yesterday was another sew day with Kylee and this time she got her lesson on LAing her own quilt.

We loaded the pattern the day before and I let her follow along with the laser light without running the machine so she could get a feel on how it worked.

Pulled out bobbing and thread turned it on and again let her run the machine to hear it and feel it while following the pattern.

Finally we both felt comfortable enough to let her have a go at actually quilting.

She told me she was not a fan of this part of the quilting process.  That is only because she wants everything to be perfect and she felt her stitching was not perfect.

I know exactly the feelings she was having - I so remember my first attempts at using the long arm.  I took out more stitches than I put in because a line went off - or a stitched crossed over another one etc etc.

For her first time I think her work was pretty darn good.  Were there mistakes, yes.  Could it have been better, yet.  But was it awful NO - like I said pretty darn good for a 14 year old newbie quilter.

I thought I had picked (and she also picked the same panto) that would be the easiest for her.

May have been wrong there, many of my quilting friends thought this was a most difficult panto to use because of the straight lines turning into a curve.

Maybe we should have used one with more curls and swirls - either way I'm really happy, for her, with the end results.

Granted she isn't ready to take over the business from grandma just yet hehehehhehehe, but its a start.

IF I can get her to try it again that is - she said she isn't ready to do this again for a while.

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Patricia said...

I think her quilting is great!!! Very modern and "organic". Keep practicing Kylee and remember the quilt police do not work in your neighbourhood!,,