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Friday, December 26, 2014

A New Beginning

Would think after all the pressure and late nights early mornings to get Christmas quilts done on time, I would take some time off!!!

NOT! -   Now is the time I get to play with my sewing and quilting.

The quilt that I started has been on my mind since my vacation with the girls to Ferryville. The fabric is one of the many that jumped off the shelf and into my cart.

At last I have the opportunity cut into it and make a fabulous quilt.   I'm calling this Simplicity because it is one of the easiest patterns every.   I don't mind sharing for those interested - (cut wof)  center fabric cut strips 5.5" - coordinating fabric, cut 2.5" strips sew a 2.5" strip to each side of 5.5" strip press towards 2.5" strips  - sub cut 9.5" square - alternate position of blocks strips horizontal next to strips vertical - and sew together 8 across - 9 rows down -  add borders your choice and done.   *FYI - you will get 4 - 9.5" blocks per strip - so make this as large or as small as you want.

I made the same pattern for my nephew in MO and once I had his done I knew this was how I was going to use these gorgeous fabrics.

Oh and I do have my BB's Christmas quilt sewn - now just have to purchase the backing and its ready to be quilted.

Sounds like I will be taking a trip to Val's soon.  Anyone wanting to ride a long????

Christmas is finally behind us for another year.  Mixed feelings there.  Love Christmas but oh its really tough getting through the holidays because there will  always be someone missing.  

I made it though for another year and only have 364 more days until the next time.

Kitchen is smelling so good right now.  Cooking up a pot of bean soup from the leftover ham bone.

Nothing tastes better than homemade soup.   I will share some of it with my family but for the most part I think its going into the freezer.  This way when I have a craving I know where to get it.

Ok I have shared my new project with you, now its time to get back at it.

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