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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Something Special

Took all morning and some of the afternoon to do but it turned out so pretty.

Customer quilt by Linda Batz - candles wall hanging, and I got to try out my new proline rulers by Lisa Calle for the piano borders.

Don't know why the camera turned this sideways, you will have to tilt your head

Now I'm going to have to rest awhile especially my eyes by the time I finished with this everything looked blurry when I turned away from the quilting.

Not a good sign, guess I better check with the eye Dr tomorrow.

Darn infection is back on my right eye but the good news the meds seem to be helping.

Too bad I really wanted to get another quilt loaded and started today, but better rest up - I will do a better job if I do.

I do have a couple scarves to finish up ironing and washing so guess that is the plan for the rest of the day.


Mad about Craft said...

Beautiful wall hanging!!

Hope all goes well with your eyes!

Jean Romack said...

Thank you