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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Returned From Houston

You cant imagine what a time I had in Houston this year.

Started off with an eye infection that continued throughout my trip.

This did not keep me from enjoying myself and spending enough money to keep many vendors and Houston restaurants happy.

The quilts, of course, were outstanding.  One of our friends had a quilt accepted at the show.  Sharon Schaapveld did an amazing job and we are all so proud of her and makes us so pleased to know her.

Another quilter that I am so proud to call a friend Lisa Calle
Her quilting is just jaw dropping amazing:

I took hundreds of pictures of the quilts and did not even take one of each it would have been just too much but for those of you who would like to see them her are just a few:

And still another quilter that is a friend through CT - Valerie Smith had one of her amazing pieces displayed at the Modern Quilts Unlimited booth:

Unfortunately I didn't get a close up of her quilt - it is the grey purple small wall hanging and the quilting is yet another gorgeous amazing piece of work.  Here I am with my wonderful friends.

Like I said just a teeny tiny bit of all the pictures I took - there are hundreds more that I have

One of the favorites was the view from our hotel room at night

Houston really is a very beautiful city. At least the parts we saw.

Our hotel was located 6 blocks from the festival and we walked it to and from every day - not to mention all the walking that was done inside the building.  My friend Charyl had a step counter and one day she recorded we walked 4.5 miles.  This is an amazing feat for me.

After a delay at the Houston Airport finally made it home around 7:30pm, too exhausted I left all the unpacking for today.

Which took a good part of the morning - sorting through the purchases, clean versus dirty clothes but its all put in its proper place.

At last but not least I managed to quilt one of my customer quilts.  Now its not a show quilt and my quilting by any means does not compare to those award winning quilts, but not everyone has to do a show quilt - (we) just enjoy our own special quilts and quilting.

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