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Monday, November 17, 2014

A Few More November Quilts

Business has been good and seems to be picking up even more - All Good Things!!!!!

After having one of the best Birthdays in a while -  dinner out with my family, headed to the sewing room and finished this customer quilt for Karla N.

Sometimes I just have to look at a quilt and it will tell me the best way to quilt it.  For this one it spoke to me wiggles, but not just straight line wiggles - no - cross hatched wiggles and while I'm quilting it I'm saying to myself this reminds me of something, think think think........ Oh Yeah -  colored interlocking puzzle piece floor tiles - that's it.

Fun and it really makes each square pop up like little pillows.

From quilting I go to running errands and back again to load yet another quilt which I completed this morning
for  Karyn P.  Small wall hanging but beautifully done - I used a panto called Continuous Baptist Fans

This would be a great stitching design for a quilt with a lot of negative space to fill.

As a matter of fact I have one of those quilts of my own to do.

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