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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Only A Memory Now

Since coming home from Houston I have been working on my customers quilts.

Free motion flowers - love doing these flowers

Beautiful sampler quilt - I used a pantograph called "Paisley"

Now I'm back to the real world - not too bad a world though.   While I was gone and seeing all the beautiful quilts it always gives me an incentive to make more quilts and do the quilting for others

Sadly I went back to yet another urgent care yesterday afternoon, my eye infection is back and now I'm on 2 other drugs to try to get rid of it.

Its so annoying cant understand why it just wont go away - now the Dr thinks I have contact dermatitis and cellulitis.

My eye looks just like it did in Houston ugh - happy halloween again.

Today is clean up day in the yard - time to take down - pull up and put away all lawn furniture and decorations.  Its always fun putting them around the yard in the spring but so so sad to put them away especially when its a dark and gloomy cold day like today.  Lucky for me I have some pretty darn nice kids as they are coming over to help with this chore.

Even Gus will be here to help

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