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Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday 2014

Hahahahaha No Shopping Here

Yesterday before everyone arrived for Thanksgiving (which by the way was really special) I managed to get  a customer quilt completed.

That was yesterday today Black Friday which I like to think of as insane Friday - Stacy came over Toby brought Ky and Gus and they trimmed my tree for me.

Big Help Gus!!     Seriously though Stacy and Ky did an amazing job working (with) around Gus.

This morning before the tree trimming I quilted for Diane Amundson, great looking quilt Diane.

I have the house all decorated inside and out for Christmas and can concentrate even more on customer quilting.

The day is going better than I had expected - keeping myself pretty busy.  Have Christmas music playing on TV and feeling pretty good.

You know how the saying goes life give you lemons make lemonade.  Well this morning I attempted something that I thought would work - Black Beans cooked can give a blue color to the water - I saw on instragram a lady had dyed yarn using beans.  Well obviously I had to try that with a scarf right.

Ha ha -  yes as soon as the beans boiled the color was a beautiful blue, but I'm thinking don't waste the beans, cook them until soft and give them to Stacy she was going to use them for a dip.

Off to my sewing room I go, feeling pretty smart.  Check on beans - oops there is a time limit on that color - now its a brown - I don't need brown dye I have that.  Hmm those beans smell pretty good - what can I do with cooked beans and brown juice - make soup!!!!  Added stewed tomatoes, onions, garlic - its missing something what can I put in this pot????????    Fried up some leftover bacon added to the pot now we are cooking.

Not exactly on my diet after adding the bacon so Toby and Stacy both go home with soup and I have a small bowl for me.

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