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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

There's A New Quilter In Town

For a few weeks I have been giving quilt piecing lessons in my home to this lady.

She has learned a lot and doing quite well - next step bindings.

But in the meantime I finished her baby quilt for her tonight.

She has a real eye for color - she chose all of her colors before coming to me.  Who would have thought to use these in a baby quilt, but then,......... Why Not  - its a beautiful quilt and she is doing a good job.

After lessons I would send her home with homework to complete what she had learned that day.

So pleased with the results.

Its always a pleasure to give lessons to a new quilter and after talking to her about fabrics and what she  wants to try, I had to give her the "look"  and tell her oh poor baby you are hooked.

She is fully aware of that fact.

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