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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oh My Goodness

Has it been THAT long since I last did a blog.

Oct 7th really?????

I can only say its all good things that have kept me from sitting here and writing to you.

Shopping, (as always not needed) but who can resist a 30 percent off going out of business sale at the Saving Thyme in Stoughton.

BTW my second trip there hehehehheheheheh.

Now I have no idea what I'm going to make with these but oh what colors and then the side stop at the shop that sells needle punch supplies - of course I had to stop there.  (my newest hobby and love)

My first attempt needle punch:

There was the RVQG quilt show on the 4-5 and I didn't even tell you about that.  I am remiss for certain.

Then on the 18th was the Edgerton quilt show.

My girlfriend Annette came to visit on the 17th and stayed the weekend.  Well you know what kind of weekend that was - 2 best friends shopping and a quilt show, not to mention I had a gathering here for her , with our quilting friends on Sunday. She was able to see as many people here without having to run around and not get to visit with anyone.

Scarf dyeing, well of course.   Customer quilts were quilted and my own.

The  Challenge Quilts for Loose Threads Strip Club -   same pattern different colors and quilting for these 3




These will all be hung again at Loose Threads the 24th-25th for public viewing and judging - along with the other members quilts.

Stop over check them out and put a vote in for your favorite

Next stop - Houston - leaving next Wed returning the following Monday -  thank goodness I have a dog/house sitter coming in or I would never be able to take all these great trips I've been taking this past year.

So you can see I have not been sitting and watching TV twiddling my thumbs.  I have too much to do than sit and twiddle.

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