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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Some Really Cute Quilts And Frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catching up finished 2 for 1 customer and  1 of 3 for another

Really Cute John Deere,  Gus saw these and wanted them - had to hid them from him

Just a couple more - but they can wait until after I get back from Houston, unless I can squeeze them in before I leave.

Now for the grumbling part - stop reading if you don't want to hear me vent:

I purchased an IPhone.   I have been putting this off for years, thought the old flip top call and receive was enough and I just knew I would spend way too many hours getting it set up just the way I wanted.

I was RIGHT  -  Its not that its that hard using the phone but I wanted all the apps to match what I had on my Ipad -   You would think this an easy process right??????  Wrong.............  

Day 1 buy the phone and get a quick lesson from customer service.  He even loaded all my contacts onto the new phone,

Yay all set

Uh uh - to get my Ipad to sync to my IPhone - per instructions go home connect my Ipad to the lap top do a backup then connect my IPhone to laptop and do a restored backup -sounds simple.

Tried that - no go - still on day 1 called customer service - tried to walk me through it - and in doing so he reset my phone -   now you probably can guess whats coming.   Lost all contacts

Day 2 went to store with both phones and reinstalled my contacts.

Day 3 - tried the back up again, yes the Ipad backed up to my lap top - tried the IPhone restore back up no go.

Day 4 called customer service - if I do what I'm instructed I lose all contacts again.

Called Apple support - - suggestion - just download all the apps I want to my IPhone and forget the back up.

2 hrs later have the apps I want - with some minor difficulties, passwords reset passwords, no need to set passwords etc etc etc - gees

Now I you know why I kept the flip top - right

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