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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Way Behind!

Sorry way behind in showing you all the fun things that I have done and or receiving.

First off a quilt for customer - Joyce - loving this quilt she made with Layer Cake pattern - I did a free motion, my version of a panto called Fern Gully.

I received a wonderful surprise package from one of my CT friends Rusty  - from FL

 Rusty, Jane Hardy Miller is author of several quilt books - (little name dropper me LOL)  I own 2 of her books and one of these day will get all of hers: These are the two I own:  French Braid Transformation and French Braid Obsession

Nope not mints

Biscotti mmmmmm good

Gus enjoying a sample of MY biscotti - I shared a few with him -

Next I have to show you all the BB's I have received for my birthday blocks from the girlz on CT -

 Lynne from VA
Theresa from  WA
From Wanda, TX
Bonus table runner from Wanda, TX

I'm so loving my blocks that I'm getting from all over - I'm going to have the prettiest  Christmas quilt and I don't have to do all the work.

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