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Saturday, November 23, 2013

More Birthday Blocks and Quilting For Others

I seem to keep getting behinder and behinder (my word not in dictionary I'm sure)

Received more birthday blocks from my girlz at CT -

These beauties are from Vicki Oaks, she is not in the event but she was sweet enough to make me a set for my birthday anyway.  Vicki is from Edgerton  lives about 5 min from me. She gave me these at our last guild meeting.

Michelle Johnston sent me these - Michelle is from TX she also sent me the sparkle chain? and a pattern. Oh and she forgot I wanted green/reds/ whites - so the blue is a bonus, now I have to decide what to do with this cute block.  Maybe I will have to make a few blue ones so it doesn't feel so lonely.  I think it will be a nice addition to my quilt.

Karyl Mclellan sent me these and she made the cute embroidered one for each one of us getting the BB's - she lives in NC

Mabel Brooks - cute and pretty - Mabel is from NJ - isn't this fun seeing all the bb's from all over the state and other countries.  Loving it.

Been doing some customer quilts as well - more for Teri,... however I can only show you 2 of them as the other 2 are a surprise.  So you will just have to wait on those

I think I'm all caught up now - sometimes my days so go on and on and I seem to forget to do what I normally would do without having to think about it.

Now it seems my mind is filled with so many other things ,and memories I tend to be somewhat forgetful.

Let's hope this condition is temporary.

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