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Friday, September 13, 2013


Making daily progress now - unlike each day seeming to be just like the day before.

Went with friends yesterday to a quilt shop - finally outta the house to do something fun.

While trying to get my big butt into the back of a van - I strained that darn muscle in the right hip again!!!

Even so, still enjoyed my little outing with the girls.

Today I loaded and quilted another customer quilt.  How fun to do a well made quilt top - using my favorite free motion Swirls - I managed to finish before going to Phys Therapy this morning she did a massage on the strained muscle.

OK I'm out of the house, beautiful sunny day - cool, not too hot.  Take advantage of this, went to friends house for a short visit, then to drug store, stopped by to get a good Gus hug which I was in desperate need of.  He is such a sweet smiley baby, miss him so much.  Then to grocery store, first time Ive gone since July 26th.  Stopped quickly to visit Wayne at the car lot he was working at today and he stole and ice creme drum stick.

Home again, put everything away, trimmed up customer quilt and she picked it up this afternoon, in addition she bought one of my scrappy quilts.

So overall its been a pretty good day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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