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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just Fooling Around

Its a good day - made 4 crazy blocks today, which is a huge accomplishment as they each take anywhere from 30 to 40 min to make from start to finish.

Ran the vacuum cleaner.  Now big deal you say!  - Well it is for me - the way I have been feeling its like a milestone has been met.

And just for the fun of it I polished my nails. I haven't laid polish on my nails in years because they don't seem to grow very well, what with housework, gardening and everything else I do, just cant get a good growth going.

Well this is what you get when you don't do anything physical for about 2 months and in fact I have even filed them back 3 times since the hospital.

It wont last long, because as soon as I start doing all the things I normally do in a day they will start disappearing on me.  But for now I will play around with them.  Bought some really funky sparkling polish yesterday and here we go.

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