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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A New Quilter

This week I quilted 2 quilts for a brand new quilter.  She has been taking some lessons at a senior center in Janesville.

She is progressing, but needs a little one on one of lessons.

The first one she had high loft batting but ran out of this (thank goodness) and she allowed me to use a much better quality batting.  I explained to her when she picked them up the difference of poly high loft and a good quilters batting.

Spent a great deal of time with her when she picked these up (which she loved) and we talked about the importance of the 1/4 inch rule, seam pressing and matching up seams etc.

She seemed very pleased with my helpful instructions.  She showed me some of the new pieces she was working on and I think with time she will become a very good quilt piecer.

While I was working on her quilts I had been fighting a "bug" so it was difficult for me to deal with quilting, sewing and just plain moving around.  Thankfully, today I am feeling better and ready to move on to better things.

Played with my stash looking for fabrics for Birthday Blocks - read and reread patterns, still in my jammies.

This house need cleaning, but I think it can wait a day or 2 or maybe three, just keep the path clean from bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and we are good to go.

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