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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mound Of Color

Whoo hoo - finally a beautiful sunny day so I could work in my flower beds.  I had one goal today, clean out the fish pond mound of flowers - SUCCESS

My reward this year an abundance of colors and more coming:

The poppies are almost done but the peonies are almost ready to open - iris opened almost all at once over night - The gas plant is in full bloom - giant hasta is magnificent and more coming each day.  What fun, I walk my yard each day and discover new and colorful blooms.

Instead of having to spend a week of weeding, like last year it took a couple of days to finish the mound.  Next step add more mulch and maintain the rest of the year.

On to the next one - tomorrow!!!!

Before heading outside this morning, I did a customer quilt.  Gotta keep busy with my quilting too ya know.

With any luck at all, no rain tomorrow and I can continue to enjoy a walk in my "park", along with pulling more of the nasties, but there are less and less each day.

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