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Friday, June 28, 2013

Badger #2

Vicki made yet another gorgeous quilt using Bucky Badger theme.

Just in time for graduation party this weekend.  Now all's she has to do is put on the binding.

Gus came into the sewing room with me today while I worked on this, he played with his toys until he got bored while Gma sewed.

He is wiggling and all over the floor now.  Can't call it crawling yet, but its getting real close to it.

He is now at least getting up on all 4's before his arms collapse and he pushes forward with his chubby legs.

Once he gets going, Im going to be on the run all the time - the plan shut every door to all the rooms in this house - he will have the living room and kitchen and hallway to roam around.

Lucky we dont have any stairs to concern ourselves with.

I remember when Kylee was first crawling, we did put up the baby gate at the stairs, but she was all over the house, I was constantly following her around or trying to find which direction she was headed.

I do believe I will get plenty of exercise.

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