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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sew Much To Do And Sew Little Time To Do It

I know I know I have been missing lately.

So much going on all the time around here.

I did manage to make valances for Kylee's new room -

Using Aunt Donna's hand dyed fabrics (because they loved them so much and couldn't find anything liked them in stores).

I will get a picture of them hung - in her room they will look fantastic - she is a bright multi colored kind of girl - but I think you already knew that.

The picture does not show the true colors - these are vibrant jewel tone colors.  Maybe I can get a better shot when they are hung.

Also made some cafe curtains for Sarah and Toby's dining room -

Yes Cow print - I cant wait to see what they look like hung.

In between sewing, Gus, and cleaning I'm one busy lady.   REVISION  - Wayne is now home - go figure - already!!!! And ..... He does not have to be on oxygen at home.  Changed his meds to help keep the fluids off.  SO THATS THE GOOD NEWS!!!

Wayne is back in the hospital and expected to be released Monday.   He took himself to the ER Friday and they took him to Madison St Mary's.  (I couldn't drive him as Gus was with us) Currently he is on oxygen and will have to have oxygen when he get home.  He had filled with fluids, because the heart is not pumping fast enough.  So they are getting the excess fluids off  and then decide what else they can do for him.   His heart is getting weaker.

To look at him you would never know there is anything wrong with him, but we have to realize he has had a heart condition since he was 49 and he just turned 72 on June 5th.  So he has beaten all odds so far.  He has had 14 heart attacks from age 49 to current in addition two cardiac arrests.  Knowing  all of that one would think he would be this frail little fragile man.  Nope - big husky looking guy.

We will have to remember looks can be deceiving.  He still works in his garden and yard and does many physical things that I never thought he could or should.  Persistent son of a gun that he is.

Although we don't know now what his immediate future is, we are both going to be looking  forward to many more years.  Maybe for him a little less active.  Its not like he will be vegetating in his chair watching TV, Heck no we save that for winter.  And there is always light housework HINT HINT.

I'm sure he will be able to still do some of his gardening and with the riding mower some mowing but for the most part, I plan on and have always planned on picking up the slack when needed.

The only thing I told him was to remember come July 29th I get my hip replaced and he will be taking care of me for a while.

Now that will be a real switch of rolls.

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