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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Take Over By Millie

We have had our cat Millie for 9 years.  Of the 9 years she spends her time lying on or under the bed in our master bedroom
She is the original scardey cat and never comes out when there are other people around.  Most people don't believe we even have a cat.

She especially stays away from our dog Belle.  Its not like they fight or anything, she just stays away or looks at the dog from HER bed with a disgusted look.

Belle has her own room, she sleeps in the spare bedroom.

Now Millie has made the decision she is taking over both bedrooms, just to confuse Belle.

For the past couple of weeks, she will sneak into the spare bedroom, behind Belle's back, and plops down on the bed as if to say "I'm taking over this room" Dogs not allowed.  The funny part of this story is Belle, does not try to remove her, just sits at side of bed looking at me and then the cat and back to me as if to say "Now where am I going to sleep"  

I think I now know how Garfield thinks. Just messing with the dog.

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