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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great Time

Spent the last 2 days at Loose Threads re grand opening and it was terrific.  Stupid stupid stupid me, I was gonna grab my camera to take pics of all the activity and I forgot it at home.

I had a great time meeting everyone that came down to see the demos and me.  Many people purchased my patterns and I am setting up workshops for the patterns.   April 21 and May 21.

The parking lot was full and cars were parked along the hwy.  So glad Mary Kay had such a good turnout for both days.

I'll be honest, I am not used to working anymore, not that I actually worked.  My routine is early morning working, sewing, cleaning etc, you get the picture, and by 3 pm I'm in my recliner relaxing and waiting to fix supper.  Whew, for 2 days I was up and at it from 6am getting ready and going to the shop staying until 5pm.

While there, and during a lull of customers, I started looking at fabrics for myself.  I am trying to decide what fabrics to use in our next Buggy Barn challenge.  I'm thinking maybe batiks, so I am really concentrating on how the quilt would look, and forgot about a step down from one room to the next.  Yep you guessed it, BANG, I landed on my big butt and back, hit my  head on the (thank goodness carpeted) step that I forgot about, twisted my ankle slightly. literally shook my teeth, and made enough noise to the downstairs group, they probably thought the building was falling in.  There I lay, like a big aqua walrus, (wearing velveteen aqua jogging suit).  Many people offered to help me get up, but all I wanted to do was lay there and collect my body and bones before attempting to stand back up.  Finally got myself off the floor, and proceed to feel ever more stupid and foolish.  But thankfully nothing broken other than my pride.   We did have a few good laughs over that for the rest of the day.

Today, bff Nettie came over, she is working on a quilt, and I am doing the cutting for her.  I am working on the new design quilt yet to be named. Almost done, have one more row of blocks and the borders to put on. 
This quilt has taken weeks to do, as I have been interrupted with many other projects, including quilting for others and of course getting ready for Loose Threads.   Aahh its good to be busy. 

I now have 3 quilts to be quilted, finish the new design, confirm people and dates for workshops, start, yet another quilt using the new pattern, and now Nettie wants me to take a purse making class.  I keep telling her no, and she keeps telling me yes.

All of a sudden this little old retired lady is getting pretty darn busy.


Little Pieces of My Life said...

Jeannie, So glad you didn't hurt yourself in the fall. Trust me,it's hard to quilt with a broken bone.
I've heard great things about the Loose Threads re-opening. Love her new addition. So glad your demos went well and your classes filled.

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Thanks Karen, and still have room in classes lol. It was a good couple of days, lots of fun lots of laughs and great meeting other quilters. Thats our life isnt it.