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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy Hourglass DONE

Yes after all this time, Lazy Hourglass quilt, my first of my original designs is finished. 

Still cant believe it took this long to get this finished.  Its not like I wasn't doing anything, I did do 3 other quilts and patterns before finishing this one, in addition to quilting other customers quilts.

Colors are beautiful, and worth the wait, I think.
Now its off to the pattern producer and I will have 4 patterns in print and ready for sale.
March 25th and 26th is Loose Threads Re grand opening, and I will be out there promoting my patterns, and having sign up sheets for workshops using my patterns.
I showed Merry Go Round and quilt guild last Thursday night and had many good comments.  Even some interest from some of the girls showing up at the re grand opening.
I really enjoy our guild, and all the girls who belong.  April meeting I will bringing another one of my originals for show and tell.
This morning I finished all the cutting of pieces for my next new pattern.  After this one, I think I am going to take a break from designing.  At least I think I am, but you never know.  If I have some spare time I might just come up with another one.  You Just Never Know.

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