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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simple Rectangles and Blocks

Would you believe, I have been awake since 3:30 am. Why?????  I kept hearing a beeping sound every few minutes.  In my sleep drowsy stage, I thought Wayne was up and had heated something in microwave, as it had this exact sound when the microwave ends the cook time.   Back to sleep, beep beep beep, yes 3 times each time, now I'm dreaming, that a truck is backing up. You know that sound, "warning everyone get out of the way big truck backing up"!  Back to sleep beep beep beep, again with the microwave, what the hell is he doing?????   Beep Beep Beep now I am almost completely awake, and I check the time 3:30am WHAT.  I  must be dreaming, can't be microwave, and it certainly isn't a big truck.  Lay there waiting for the sound, beep beep beep, yes there is it is again, and I'M not sleeping or dreaming.  So, nature calls, I get up in the dark, do what has to be done, and beep beep beep. Where the heck is that coming from?????

Finished my nature call, and walk through house in dark waiting, beep beep beep.  Nothing in living room, beep beep beep, AAAAA HAAAAA the kitchen,  Light on stove says"End".  I actually left the oven on all night.  Wayne was a little late getting home last night for supper so I turned the oven down to warm, had no idea that sucker had a beeper on it to letting you know to shut it off.

Well now I am completely awake, and no chance of getting back to sleep, mind starts its check list.  Load a new quilt on frame, what design to use???.  Check list, fold all 72 pattern pages and put in their plastic bag for the re grand opening at Loose Threads.  Check list, gotta fun vacuum today. Threads up to my ankles.

Hell, get up and start the day because you're not gonna get anymore sleep.

This quilt is so simplistic I did 3 different stitch designs.  Finished it by 8:30 this morning.

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